Paddling Courses

Kayaking Course Malmö 1 - Ribban Beach C



Learn the fundamentals of paddling and get a taste for this great outdoor sport.


During the course we will cover different paddling techniques and strokes, as well as, basic safety and rescue techniques.

We will also go through the equipment and what to consider before going out on the water. 

Private coaching session available for paddlers with their own equipment or previous experience. 

3 hours kayaking or SUP course.

Wednesdays at 17:00 - 20:00.

Open for beginners. Private coaching session also available.

Location: Ribban Beach Camp, Ribersborg, Malmö.

What to bring:

  • Quick-dry sports cloth for the trip.

  • Sunhat and a bottle of water. 

  • Change of cloths & towel.

  • Personal medication.

Price: 800 SEK / person

Price for 2 pax: 1399 SEK.

including instructions, guide,

kayak & safety equipment.

Mörrumsån White Water Kayaking.jpg



White water kayaking is the quintessential adventure sport:  Fun, challenging and in tune with nature.

Only 2 hours from Malmö, this beginners' course introduce you to both the theory and practice of white water paddling while we kayak down the beautiful river through class II rapids - perfect for the beginner!

We cover basic paddling and rescue techniques, getting in and out of the kayak, traversing and the use of eddies, along with an introduction to river reading and signals. You also have a chance to try the eskimo-roll.

5 hours white water kayaking course.

Saturdays at 9:00 - 15:00.


Open for beginners.

Location: Mörrumsån by Ebbamåla Bruk.

What to bring:

  • Quick-dry sports cloth for the trip.

  • Change of cloths & towel.

  • Lunch and a bottle of water. 

  • Personal medication. 

Price: 1350 SEK / person

Price for 2 pax: 2499 SEK.

including instructions, guide,

kayak & safety equipment.

White Water Kayaking Week 1 - Ram Silwal


Feel your adrenaline pump and learn to play with the river. Join us for a challenging week!

We teach complete beginners and coach intermediate paddlers in small groups, making sure you are developing your skills to the next level.


Dalarna is a perfect place for the beginner to develop skills and grow your confidence.

For the intermediate paddlers we go to Norway and one of Europe's best white water destinations. We practice river running, try surfing waves and much more!


6 days white water kayaking course. 

2 session of paddling per day. 

Beginners: 28th June - 3rd July 2022,

at Björnbo, Sweden.

Intermediate: 5th - 10th July 2022, in

Sjoa, Norway.

What to bring:

  • Quick-dry sports cloth and water sandals for the trip. 

  • Change of cloths for time on land.

  • Towel and toiletries.

  • A bottle of water.

  • Personal medication.  

If you wish to bring your own paddling equipment you are welcome.


Beginner 9900 SEK / person.

Intermediate 11 500 SEK / person.

including accommodation, food, guide, instructions, kayak & safety equipment.